Perfect Itinerary Bucharest 4 days

itinerary Bucharest

4 Day Travel Itinerary for Bucharest

Day 1: (itinerary Bucharest)

Visit the Palace of the Parliament: Take a guided tour of the world’s second-largest administrative building.

Day 2: (itinerary Bucharest)

Explore Old Town: Wander through the charming streets of Bucharest’s historic center, filled with cafes, shops, and beautiful architecture.

Day 3: (itinerary Bucharest)

Discover the Village Museum: Step back in time at this open-air museum showcasing traditional Romanian village life.

Day 4: (itinerary Bucharest)

Relax in Herastrau Park: Spend a leisurely day in Bucharest’s largest park, with a lake, botanical garden, and plenty of green spaces to explore.

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