Perfect Itinerary chandigarh 6 days

itinerary chandigarh

6 Day Travel Itinerary for Chandigarh

Day 1: (itinerary chandigarh)

Rock Garden: Start your trip with a visit to the unique Rock Garden, created entirely from industrial & home waste.

Sukhna Lake: Spend a relaxing evening by the beautiful Sukhna Lake, perfect for boating and enjoying the sunset.

Day 2: (itinerary chandigarh)

Capitol Complex: Explore the architectural marvel of Capitol Complex, designed by Le Corbusier.

Rose Garden: Visit the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, home to thousands of rose bushes and various other plants.

Day 3: (itinerary chandigarh)

Mohali Cricket Stadium: Take a tour of the iconic Mohali Cricket Stadium, known for hosting thrilling cricket matches.

Leisure Valley: Enjoy a leisurely walk in the lush green Leisure Valley, a popular hangout spot for locals.

Day 4: (itinerary chandigarh)

Government Museum and Art Gallery: Explore the rich history and culture of Chandigarh at the Government Museum and Art Gallery.

Elante Mall: Shop till you drop at the sprawling Elante Mall, offering a wide range of shopping and dining options.

Day 5: (itinerary chandigarh)

Chandigarh Botanical Garden: Discover a variety of plant species at the Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park.

Doll Museum: Visit the quirky Doll Museum, showcasing a collection of dolls from different countries.

Day 6: (itinerary chandigarh)

Pinjore Gardens: Conclude your trip with a visit to the scenic Pinjore Gardens, known for its Mughal-style layout and beautiful fountains.

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