Perfect Itinerary shimla 10 days

itinerary shimla

10 Day Travel Itinerary for Shimla

Day 1: Mall Road (itinerary shimla)

Explore the bustling Mall Road and indulge in shopping and street food.

Day 2: Kufri (itinerary shimla)

Visit the scenic Kufri and enjoy horse riding and skiing activities.

Day 3: Jakhu Temple (itinerary shimla)

Pay a visit to the famous Jakhu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Day 4: Viceregal Lodge (itinerary shimla)

Explore the beautiful Viceregal Lodge and its surrounding gardens.

Day 5: Shimla State Museum (itinerary shimla)

Learn about the history of Shimla at the Shimla State Museum.

Day 6: Tara Devi Temple (itinerary shimla)

Visit the serene Tara Devi Temple located on a hilltop.

Day 7: Mashobra (itinerary shimla)

Explore the picturesque town of Mashobra and enjoy nature walks.

Day 8: Naldehra Golf Course (itinerary shimla)

Play a round of golf at the scenic Naldehra Golf Course.

Day 9: Chail Palace (itinerary shimla)

Visit the historic Chail Palace and its surrounding lush greenery.

Day 10: Annandale (itinerary shimla)

End your trip with a visit to the scenic Annandale and enjoy a picnic.

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