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From charming villages to bustling cities, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich historical sites, our expertly crafted France itinerary guides you through the very best of world-class wines and exquisite cuisine. Perfect for all types of travelers, an unforgettable journey through France awaits. Bon voyage!

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Classic France itinerary (10 days)

Dreaming of France? Dive into a 10-day journey, mixing famous spots with hidden treasures.

Day 1-3: The Romantic Capital – Paris

In the heart of Paris, the Eiffel Tower stands tall. On your first day, it’s recommended to start there. Not far from it, the Louvre Museum beckons. A stroll by the Seine River offers a relaxing end to the day. If a boat ride sounds tempting, the Bateaux Mouches wait nearby.

By day two, Montmartre becomes a haven for the art lover. Nestled at its peak, the Sacré-Cœur offers a panoramic view. As the day progresses, the narrow lanes of the neighborhood offer inviting cafés. Here, a French croissant can be savored, and memories made.

Come day three, the Palace of Versailles, just a train ride away from Paris, reveals its splendor. The Hall of Mirrors is a sight to behold. Marie Antoinette’s hamlet in the vast gardens paints a picture of bygone times.

loire valley france

Day 4-5: The Valley of Kings – Loire Valley

As your France trip moves forward, the Loire Valley unveils its beauty. Château de Chambord showcases French Renaissance grandeur. Nearby, the Château de Chenonceau gracefully spans the Cher River. Vineyards dot the landscape. A wine tasting session could be a delightful interlude.

lyon traboule france

Day 6-7: The Gastronomic Haven – Lyon

Lyon calls you next on this France vacation. The old town’s charm can be felt in its cobbled streets. Hidden away, traboules offer secretive passages. Above, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière grants a city overview. Lyon’s cuisine is famed, and a meal in a bouchon Lyonnais is a must.

Villefranche french riviera

Day 8-10: The Glamour and Artistry of the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur)

The journey culminates in the shimmering French Riviera. Nice promises sun and sea. Antibes, with its maze-like streets, waits to be discovered. Cannes and Monaco glitter with luxury. In between, Saint-Paul-de-Vence remains a tranquil oasis.

Historical Regions itinerary (10 days)

Step back in time with this 10-day French journey, blending ancient tales and modern stories.


Day 1-2: The Rich History of Normandy

Normandy sets the stage for this France itinerary. Mont Saint-Michel, rising majestically from the sea, is a sight that’s hard to forget. In Bayeux, a tapestry narrates history. Later, a somber moment at the D-Day beaches and the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer evokes reflection.

brittany france

Day 3-4: The Rugged Charm of Brittany

Your France trip then leads to Brittany. Saint-Malo’s fortified walls stand testament to time. Fresh seafood here is a treat. Meanwhile, Carnac’s standing stones stand enigmatic, whispering tales of ancient times.

bordeaux france

Day 5-6: The Wine Capital – Bordeaux

Bordeaux beckons with its vineyards and architecture. A leisurely walk offers glimpses of its heritage. The Cité du Vin reveals the secrets of wine. As the day fades, the Garonne River mirrors the city lights.

toulose france

Day 7-8: The Fortified Beauty of Carcassonne & Toulouse’s ‘Pink City’

Carcassonne’s fortified towers and walls transport you to medieval times. A short trip away, Toulouse shines in hues of pink. The Basilica of Saint-Sernin and Toulouse-Lautrec Museum add depth to this leg of your France itinerary.


Day 9-10: The Sunlit Valleys of Provence

Provence wraps up your journey. Nîmes and Arles guard Roman legacies. Gordes and Roussillon, picturesque in their right, offer serene vistas. Avignon’s Papal history stands impressive. Local dishes, rich in flavor, mark a fitting end to this France vacation.

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