Italy itinerary 14 days


Delve into Italy with our handpicked Italy itinerary suggestions. This country boasts not only amazing cities and historic sites but also captivating landscapes and unmatched cuisine. Along with famed landmarks, our Italy travel ideas shine a spotlight on small towns, vibrant local markets, and delicious regional dishes. The true charm of Italy lies beyond the usual; it’s a journey of discovery. Buon viaggio!


Classic Italy itinerary (10 days)

This itinerary includes some of the most famous cities and sights that Italy has to offer.

Day 1-3: Rome

Firstly, an Italy itinerary wouldn’t be complete without Rome. In its historic center, winding cobblestone paths lead you every which way. Surprisingly, quaint piazzas emerge out of nowhere. Here, gelato and espresso aren’t just treats; they’re traditions. Nearby, the Colosseum stands as a testament to times when gladiators battled. Adjacently, the Roman Forum offers a silent narration of an ancient civilization. Moreover, a day spent in Vatican City unveils the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica. Notably, the top of the basilica showcases a panoramic Rome view. And in the evening, Trastevere offers up mouthwatering Roman classics.

firenze italy

Day 4-5: Florence

Next on our Italy travel ideas list is Florence. Inside the Uffizi Gallery, masterpieces from legends like Botticelli and Da Vinci await. Similarly, the Accademia Gallery houses the iconic David by Michelangelo. Moving forward, the Piazza del Duomo beckons with its magnificent cathedral and Brunelleschi’s dome. From its top, Florence seems to sprawl endlessly. Further ahead, the iconic Ponte Vecchio stretches across the Arno River. On the other side, the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens are an oasis of art and nature.

cinqueterre italy

Day 6-7: Cinque Terre

Continuing on, Cinque Terre emerges as a coastal wonderland. Comprising five colorful towns, this UNESCO site is a visual feast. As you hike from one village to another, the scenic beauty never ceases to amaze. Along the way, the delicious pesto and sweet Sciacchetrà wine are culinary must-tries.

venezia italy

Day 8-10: Venice

Finally, your Italy itinerary concludes in Venice. Starting at St. Mark’s Square, the basilica and Doge’s Palace narrate tales of bygone eras. Later on, meandering through Venice’s alleys feels like navigating a romantic maze. Meanwhile, gondola rides on the Grand Canal are therapeutic. And as dusk sets, the bacaros buzz with patrons sipping spritz and nibbling cicchetti.

Southern and Sicily itinerary (10 days)

This itinerary focuses on the south of Italy and the island of Sicily, offering a mix of historic cities, coastal towns, and natural beauty.

naples italy

Day 1-2: Naples

Kicking off this Italy itinerary, Naples stands out with its vibrancy. In its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, life thrums with an unmatched rhythm. Nearby, the Royal Palace and Naples Cathedral demand admiration. Hungry? Dive into a local pizzeria for the real Neapolitan pizza. Optionally, a day trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum provides a historic detour.

amalfi coast

Day 3-4: Amalfi Coast

Subsequently, the scenic Amalfi Coast unfolds. Its sheer cliffs are a canvas of homes and vineyards. Down the road, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello each come with their distinct allure. For instance, in Positano, beach lounging becomes an afternoon well spent. Conversely, in Amalfi, the Cathedral of St. Andrew calls for admiration. Meanwhile, Ravello’s Villa Rufolo serves endless vistas of azure waters.

matera italy travel

Day 5-6: Matera

Further into this Italy itinerary, Matera beckons with its ancient sassi, or cave dwellings. These structures, deeply rooted in history, give insights into early human settlements in Italy. By day, guided tours shed light on their past, and by night, dining in a cave restaurant becomes a surreal experience.

palermo italy

Day 7-10: Sicily

Lastly, a ferry ride transports you to Sicily. Upon arrival, Palermo opens its arms with a blend of history and gastronomy. Further south, Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples stands as a relic of ancient Greece. Wrapping things up, Taormina dazzles with an ancient theater, sun-kissed beaches, and the awe-inspiring Mount Etna.

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