14 day Spain itinerary


Sun-kissed coasts, historic fortresses, a tapestry of cultures, and the irresistible allure of flamenco—Spain is not just a country, but an emotion. Every corner of this Iberian gem tells a tale. From the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the Moorish heart of Andalusia. As you consider a travel to Spain, know that you’re not just embarking on a trip, but a journey through time, taste, and tradition.

Travel to Spain: Iberian Rhapsody (14 days)

This Spain itinerary is designed to capture the essence of this country, offering a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and rustic charm.

Day 1-3: Madrid

Kick off your travel to Spain in the buzzing heart of Madrid. Explore the majestic Royal Palace and soak up its rich history. Let the masterpieces in the Prado Museum captivate you. Stroll through Retiro Park as daylight fades. By night, La Latina comes alive. Savor Madrid’s flavors, especially the tapas. Madrid confirms its place as a Spain itinerary staple.

madrid spain

Day 4-6: Seville

Board a swift train from Madrid and find yourself in Seville, the Andalusian jewel. The beckoning Alcázar palace narrates tales of Moorish grandeur. As darkness cloaks the city, Triana pulsates with the rhythm of flamenco, capturing Andalusia’s essence. Ascend the Giralda tower, and let Seville’s vistas reaffirm its must-visit status on any travel itinerary for Spain.

alcazar sevilla spain

Day 7-8: Granada

Drive east to Granada. Marvel at the city’s crown jewel, the Alhambra, a testament to Spain’s diverse cultures. Wander the cobblestoned paths of Albaicín. As evening approaches, enjoy a refreshing tinto de verano with the Alhambra in the backdrop. Discovering Granada’s magic is essential on a Spain trip.

alhambra granada spain

Day 9-10: Valencia

As you keep going east, Valencia is calling. The City of Arts and Sciences’ futuristic building looks great next to the historic heart of the city. Here, in the place where paella was created, you can enjoy this famous food and get a taste of everyday life in Valencia. When you go to Spain, you have to see some of the coast. The beaches of Valencia on the Mediterranean are perfect for that.

valencia futuristic buildings

Day 11-14: Barcelona

As you end your trip in Barcelona, you’ll see how well postmodern art and Gothic history fit together. People are amazed by Gaudí’s amazing works, like the Sagrada Família, which is always changing, and the Park Güell, which is full of surprises. With its busy vibe, La Rambla takes you to the warm shores of Barceloneta. As the last stop on your trip through Spain comes to a close, let Barcelona’s energy and art stay with you.

park guell barcelona spain

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