From the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the scenic beaches of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the U.S. is a top destination for those looking to travel to USA. The country boasts an incredibly diverse natural landscape. It’s not just about nature; it’s home to sprawling metropolises like the bustling New York City, the politically significant Washington D.C., the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, and the tech-savvy San Francisco. With such best places to visit in the USA, there’s something for every traveler.

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Travel to USA: The Grand East Coast (14 Days)

Embark on a travel to USA journey that showcases the best of the East Coast. This 14-day tour dives deep into the urban allure of New York, Philadelphia’s cultural treasures, Boston’s historic charm, and Washington D.C.’s political heartbeat. Experience a perfect blend of lively city vibes and America’s rich past.

Day 1-4: New York City

Initiating the best places to visit in USA list is none other than New York City. Day one immerses you in the city’s icons, including Times Square and Central Park. Dive into America’s immigrant roots at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island the next day. Spend a day at world-renowned museums, and explore vibrant neighborhoods like SoHo and Greenwich Village thereafter.

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Day 5-6: Philadelphia

As you continue to explore the places to visit in USA, Philadelphia beckons. Greet the Liberty Bell, and soak in history at Independence Hall. Spend the following day appreciating art at the Philadelphia Museum.

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Day 7-10: Boston

For those looking to travel to USA with a penchant for history, Boston is a must. Trace the Freedom Trail, and later relax in Boston Common. A visit to Cambridge and Harvard University is essential. Don’t miss out on the captivating tales from Salem.

washington USA

Day 11-14: Washington D.C.

Wrapping up your list of best vacation spots in the US is Washington D.C. Explore the National Mall, with its iconic structures. Dive into knowledge at museums like the Smithsonian, and conclude your journey with an evening in Georgetown.

Travel to USA: The Great American West (15 Days)

If you’re eager to travel to USA and witness its stunning landscapes, embark on a 15-day adventure. This itinerary encompasses Las Vegas’s neon charm, arid wonders, and the pristine Pacific coast — a dream for every travel enthusiast.

las vegas

Day 1-3: Las Vegas

Kicking off the best places to visit in USA for thrill-seekers is Las Vegas. Roam the Strip, be mesmerized by the Bellagio fountains, and if you wish, roll the dice in one of the city’s grand casinos. On the next day, find solace amidst nature at the Red Rock Canyon.

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Day 4-5: Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

Adding to the list of places to travel in US, the Hoover Dam is an emblem of human innovation. Following this marvel, the Grand Canyon awaits with its vast and awe-inspiring landscapes.

antilope canyon united states

Day 6-7: Monument Valley & Antelope Canyon

Monument Valley, one of the best vacation spots in the US, offers unparalleled vistas. Learn about its Native American significance, and later, be enchanted by Antelope Canyon’s natural beauty.

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Day 8-9: Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon astounds with its unique rock formations. Zion National Park, another highlight for those looking to visit US, offers red cliffs and captivating pools.

santa barbara

Day 10-12: Las Vegas to Santa Barbara

Return to Las Vegas for rejuvenation. Then, cruise along the Pacific coast, finding your way to Santa Barbara, celebrated for its architectural beauty.

golden gate san francisco

Day 13-15: Big Sur & San Francisco

The Pacific Coast Highway, one of the places to travel in US, leads you to Big Sur’s dramatic coastline. San Francisco, with its iconic landmarks, marks the perfect finale to your American journey.

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